March 16, 2010

Just Like Kristi Yamaguchi

Okay. So just to round out the CO saga. Lots of snowboarding. Obviously. My friend Elizabeth works for the local radio station KSMT and apparently she even has a radio show on saturday afernoons and mentioned yours truly by name. The gist of it was: Rachel is visiting and I spent my first year in Breck living with her in a one-bedroom apartment. And we're still friends. Yes it was a miracle.
But the radio station has something called The Medallion and they allow this to be used by their employees or their employee's friends (me). This is a large silver medal that you can wear around your neck and it provides access to all resorts in the area. So I got to run around all week with a medal around my neck (just like Kristi Yamaguchi who apparently has been spotted in Breck dancing in Salt Creek and other unsavory places) and snowboard everywhere including my favorite mountain Beaver Creek (awesome terrain, Elk Glades, escalators, hot cookies at closing time)Thanks Ebee.
But after all the no-show missing person debacles, I was not on the top of Elizabeth's Most Organized Person list. There was talk of my need to redeem myself. But she made me french toast and we picked up Billy Grow and went to Keystone and then (this is just ridiculous) we got on the lift, like first run of the day and it was gorgeous and so sunny and we were really excited and then I dropped one of my gloves off the chair. Like a total rookie. Not redeeming. Fortunately I dropped it in the first 100 yards and we could see it from the lift but then I had to duck a rope to go get it, and people were heckling me from the lift for trying to get some pathetic pow turns. But I got the glove back. And if I didn't exactly redeem myself, it at least brought me back to neutral.

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