March 31, 2010


It's all about choices. The other night, for instance. My friends Micheal and Jesse went to some dive on Powell to meet friends. They resuscitated a pit bull that was hanging out of a car (apparently it jumped through the open window and the leash was tied to something inside the car. It had given up and was actually just hanging there all limp. Mike gave it mouth-to-nose resuscitation while the owner was inside drinking pabst.) and then they proceeded to do some serious late-night wrestling in the gravel lot across from the bar. Wrestling. Complete with a referee and bloody elbows. I had considered joining in on this evening. Glad I didn't.

Instead I went out to my parents' house and stayed the night. I don't have a room there anymore but they make up the spare bed for me (it's a futon). I finished Watership Down (one of my absolute favorites. Yes, it's a book about rabbits), ate some cous-cous and then we watched a BBC Hercule Poirot mystery. If you don't know what I'm referring to, then you are way cooler than I am.


Charisstopher said...

Secret: I've never read Watership Down. (!! I know.)

Shiny Things and Cake said...

Is it sick I laughed at the pitbull part? It was a really compassionate laugh.

Rachel Wrong said...

Yes, that's sick. And if you want to borrow my copy of Watership Down, you totally can. I stole it from Mr. Evers.