March 29, 2010

Savage Beast

You think you know a person . . . . and then you go snowboarding with him. Meadows got 16 inches on Friday and we got a carload together to head up early on Saturday. Kyle Carnes drove (it's pronounced Carns but in my head I pronounce it with a spanish accent) and Carin and Huy came along, and we got a pretty early start considering I overslept and Carin locked her keys (and her skis) in her car.

We get to Meadows and it is sunny and beautiful and and we start putting on our boots and all that business and I notice Kyle is just standing there, still wearing his jeans and his Topsiders with no socks and he doesn't look ready at all. "Kyle," I say, "What are you doing? You ready?" He proceeds to pull on some rain pants. Like, your average probably not even Gore-Tex black rain pants, the kind you might wear on a brief hike when it's not actually raining and maybe just a little misty. Over his jeans. I am blown away. And then it just gets more hesh. Does he have a jacket? No. A windbreaker? No. Kyle Carnage rocks the sweatshirt. He gets hot, he says. He wears a sweatshirt with leather work gloves and amber lens goggles from '92. His bindings appear to be prehistoric prototypes and he informs us that his board is some brand that we've never heard of that definitely is not producing boards anymore. It was amazing. The topper? One of his friends carved his stomp-pad into a somewhat inappropriate word. And the remnants are still there. It turns out Kyle Carnes is totally extreme. Watching him put on his gear in the HRM lot was one of my favorite moments of my favorite day of the 2009/2010 season. We even did a family photo.

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