March 25, 2010

Naked Ladies

So, I'm sure this post is going to disappoint people. I know the strip basketball post did. Apparently there are a lot of people out there interested in strip basketball, especially if it involves a video. Creeps.

Anyway, Club 834 hosted one last night and I'm pretty sure it was a success. It was for me anyway. For those who don't know, a naked lady party is a clothing exchange amongst friends. You bring items that you don't wear anymore, throw them in a pile and people start digging through and trying stuff on and it's kind of a madhouse.

My top five finds last night:

1. Multi-stripe maxi dress-perfect for summer days

2. Turquoise brocade coat with giant buttons- I was just telling Heidi that all my jackets are man jackets and this is a coat for a lady.

3. Peacock feather earrings

4. Glitter grandma leopard sweater- I'm not sure why this is, but I am the undisputed queen of grandma sweaters. The more absurd the better. Blessing or curse?

5. Sailor stripe jumper- For my Lolita moments. I'm too old for it, but that doesn't mean I won't wear it.


Caitlin said...

Oh man, please post some pictures of these! I just sold a whole load of vintage dresses to the new shop across the street from me, so I was sort of lacking in the contribution area (therefore did not show). I'll start saving up for next time...

Rachel Wrong said...

I would love to post pictures but I don't have a camera yet. Soon. Soon. I think another party will soon be in the works, my closet is too small for all the new additions.

Elizabeth said...

I am wearing my BC pants today, and yesterday I wore the star/polka dot skirt. The new clothes really made my week.

Rachel Wrong said...

BC fo' life! And that was my skirt originally. Yes!