March 15, 2010

I left my heart in Colorado and my phone and my gloves and my . . .

Back from Colorado and realized I don't have a single picture of snow-covered mountains and deep blue sky or snowboarding action or much of anything really. I have realized that despite my best efforts, I am actually not that successful at traveling, vacationing and maybe even Life.
I arrived on Friday afternoon, Sam and Boone picked me up, we wandered around one of those Denver suburbs until we found Steve Jones and then we proceeded to have a night of legendary Denver proportions. This involved Sam putting his car keys in my coat pocket for safe-keeping (note to everyone who knows me: never give me anything for safe-keeping). I checked my coat at a mysterious club called Lipgloss which is actually called La Rumba but for some reason is Lipgloss on Friday nights. And there the coat remained. We spent Saturday moping around waiting for the club to open so we could actually get inside Sam's car and drive up to Breckenridge. The club didn't open until nine so there was a considerable amount of moping. I didn't have my cellular phone and assumed it was in my jacket. Because life is easy with cellphones I didn't have Elizabeth's number or her address (I was planning on staying with her) and couldn't call her and explain that I was staying in Denver for the day. Lipgloss finally opened, now La Rumba, practically vacant, with about five awkward couples learning various latin dances in the center of room, and I got my jacket back. But my phone wasn't in it anymore. And that was that. I have never saved my numbers so many a contact was lost. The car keys were in the proper pocket and we drove up to Breck trailing clouds of glory. And Ben, who had seen us out at Lipgloss the night before doing various deplorable things and hadn't heard from me despite multiple attempts at contact, posted a comment on facebook to the gist of: If no one has seen Rachel or heard from her I am going to file a missing persons report.

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