February 7, 2011

The Near Future IS Bright

Tonight, I am attending the Blazers vs. Bulls game at the Rose Garden. And I will be wearing a Bulls jersey. This is because Portland lost last time they were matched against the Bulls and I was foolish enough to make a bet on the fact that they wouldn't. I'm sorry Blazers. I'm sorry in advance. Don't let my turncoat ways dissuade you from winning tonight and helping me get revenge upon Sam. I really, really hope they win, but mostly I just hope that no one spits on me.


A few of you may have seen this post before I took it down on Monday. That's because we were surprising Jesse for his birthday and taking him to the game. I realized after posting it that there was a chance he would see it and the surprise would be ruined. But no,  it was a complete success. I made fajitas, my family came into town, we ate cake (all at lightning speed due to the impending start time) and then I came downstairs in my Bulls jersey and Sam pulled the tickets out. That look of complete surprise was priceless. We ran to catch the bus (literally) and made it to the game only slightly late. And then! They won! It was such a great game. They played so well! It was so exciting. Turnovers, dives to the balls, artful dunks, great assists, great defense, and a 95 percent free-throw success. Everyone played well. I'm not even ashamed to own a Rudy jersey anymore. After the game I kept the gloating and celebration to a minimum so that Sam wouldn't need to break up with me. But it was hard.


shola said...

Ooo girl, be careful. but if i see you there tonight i'll still talk to you.

Rachel Wrong said...

Shola, I appreciate your loyalty. No one spat on me. And I'm sure the people behind me were confused to see all those fist pumps coming from someone in a Jordan jersey.

Jesse Milan said...

See... I DO read this from time to time. And yes, I was completely shocked and surprised, and thank you and Sam and your family for starting out my Birthday week with a good dinner, good company, awesome surprise, and Blazer's victory!!! That's what I call a complete success! Oh yeah... and BOOOO Rachel the turncoat!! Haha, just kidding :)