February 15, 2011

Overlooked and Delicious: City State Diner

I can't believe this place isn't busier but I'm really glad it's not. City State Diner is great. Sam and I went yesterday for a Valentine's Day breakfast. We both ordered the hazelnut french toast (I got the deluxe edition with banana and coconut rum syrup) and it was amazing. Their coffee is good and the servers are always quick to refresh your cup. They do a lot of stuff in-house and all it's all fresh and delicious and the menu is interesting. I haven't even been for lunch yet, but they have some appealing options. It's on the way to work for me, on NE 28th just a couple blocks north of Burnside. Sam and I were one of three couples in the entire restaurant, but I'm pretty sure things won't stay that way forever. Next time you want breakfast and don't want to wait in the rain for an hour, check this place out.

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Kyle said...

Sounds great. Plus I love the look of their website so that goes a long way in making me want to eat somewhere.