February 10, 2011


Album cover from Wilderness Heart

 The Sasquatch lineup is pretty underwhelming this year. Apparently Foo Fighters was just the beginning of a massive booking blunder. Death Cab for Cutie AND Bright Eyes? Ugh, slit my wrists.  I've seen all the headliners that I like at Sasquatch already,  some more than once. This doesn't mean it's not going to be great, I was just hoping for a little more novelty. However,  I'm shaking it off and I am going to appreciate it for what it is. Moving onwards and upwards.

This gives me the chance to do some research and find some new bands to get excited about. Aaaaand, mission accomplished. Black Mountain is all that I need in festival rock. They are Canadian. Always a good sign. What to expect: dirty 70s guitar, male and female vocals all stretched out and druggy, squealing solos, some weird synthy organ stuff, tambourine, and the perfect tempo for passionate headbanging. You aren't excited yet? Listen to Black Mountain (their first album). I will definitely be at their show.  Sober. With clean hair.


overtheorchard said...

Thank GOD someone else is excited about Black Mountain. Let's hummm.

Rachel Wrong said...

So excited. Man aaaaalive.