February 17, 2011

Oh Jeez

Most of the time I am not very sincere on here. This is not meant to be my diary. But today I am so sad. January was a horrible, horrible month for Mt. Hood. It was so warm, and then it was dry, and then it rained. Over and over and over again and we watched all the snow melt off the mountain. It seemed like the season was over.

It finally snowed a million inches of cold, dry snow up there and I am in Portland. Working at a desk. While people I know are having fun. I feel really left out today. It's like high school when you knew someone was having a party and you weren't invited and it's Friday night and you're sitting with your parents watching Jeopardy, eating pork chops and peas. And I'm listening to The National which is probably the worst idea ever, but that's how it goes.


Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry. The National really can do wonders... especially alone with a cigarette, glass of wine and nothing but the sound of your own tears to accompany it.

Charisstopher said...

Oh god, The National is the official soundtrack of despair.