May 3, 2011

All that is holy

First of all, I went to the Midwest last weekend. Chicago and Kankakee specifically. I flew in on Thursday night and Sam picked me up. He was holding a sign. A hand-drawn sign. The stuff dreams are made of. We went out in Chicago that night with some friends and ended up at this tiki bar called Trader Toms or something similar. They served giant blue drinks. There were only about ten people in the entire place (a totally different scene from the packed karaoke bars of Portland) and we sang in a steady rotation. After I was warmed up (these vocal chords have a strict regimen of Total Eclipse of the Heart), Sam and I sang Dio. Or rather, I sang Dio and Sam followed along. It's one of my favorite karaoke songs ever and I really like to put some effort into it. Head banging, falsetto, growling, the whole deal. Sam's friend Andy took me aside at one point during the weekend and told me that he was really glad that I sang Holy Diver because it was at that point that he felt like he really got to know me.

Here is the video. You can judge for yourself whether or not that is a bad thing.

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