May 26, 2011

Don't Forget

 Agh! Sasquatch is here. It's my last year ever, yes I am making that ultimatum and I am very comfortable with it, so it better be good. With that in mind, I am going to pull all the wisdom garnered from years past, and not end up wet or shivering or hungry or thirsty or in any other way deprived. Checklist: Go!

1. Sunglasses: Preferably mirrored. Multiple days of dancing and little sleep means you end up looking pretty bad. Sunglasses hide half your face. This is good.

2. Tickets: Though many have forgotten or lost their tickets (Laurence!), it always works out in the end. That said, it's better just to have them in hand.

3. Snacks that are palatable at all times: Portable food is good but no pink salmon in a bag. No PBJ, it's just too dry. Fruit, trail mix and hot dogs. Ramen for late evenings.

4. Clothes: For all seasons. Overpack. Bring many pairs of socks and multiple pairs of shoes. If it rains and you only have one pair of shoes and they are converse and they end up getting all wet and stiff and abrasive, you will be sad you don't have an extra pair of shoes.

5. Random art supplies and notebooks: It's good to take notes. Treasure these moments.

6. Camera: Charged and ready. Last year I only had one day with my camera. It spent the other two in my tent with a dead battery. Never again.

7. Unexpected items: This always happens. You have to embrace it. You end up at camp with a Dora the Explorer pinata or a plastic picture frame featuring Vietnamese girls in 80s swimsuits and that's okay. It's part of Sasquatch.

8. All necessary players for camping: This means pump for the air mattress, poles for the tent, gas canister for the stove. Sometimes it's the supporting actors that stand in the way of true success. 

9. Hydration: I am going to bring lots of Gatorade, coconut water, and just plain water this year. And I am going to drink lots of it so I don't end up a husk of myself, capable only of half-hearted spirit fingers and toe shuffling by the end of the weekend.

10. Sunscreen: Even if it's not hot, we will still be milling about under UV rays for four days, leathering.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend !

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Elizabeth said...

Best weekend of the year, always, for the last 9 years. #10 is going to top them all.