May 20, 2011

RIP Club 834

An era has ended. Club 834 has been a wonderful home since September 2009. Its University of Oregon-themed walls have seen the initial excitement of my arrival to Portland, combining forces with Heidi and decorating a new home, interviewing Craigslist roommates, Will's reign of terror, dust bunnies, R. Kelly on the porch, serious conversations over dinner, chaise lounge sleepovers,  Charissa's welcome presence, gardening and tanning on the berm, floor-shaking dance parties, Heidi's homemade fancy cocktails, potlucks, nail painting parties, and lots of laughter. I will miss Club 834. And living with Heidi and Charissa. It's the end of an era.

The big purple house.

Halloween at 834.

My tiny room was basically a giant closet.

Party on the porch.

Garden on the berm.

Reenactment of a photo at the Celebration of Summer Party.

Heidi at the Onesie Party

Stairs of doom.

 Where's Charissa? The Christmas edition.

Kewpie doll and dust bunnies


Kyle said...

The house (parties) will be missed, there were so many fun times had at that place. Good last post on the splendor that was Club 834.

Heidi said...

Awww...this. Brought a tiny, gnome shaped tear to my face. I will miss you girls something fierce. Club 834 was good to us.