May 19, 2011

House: Warmed

So, Sam and I have been in our new place for a week and a half.

It was time to have a housewarming party and debut all our hard work cleaning, unpacking, hanging pictures, and employing our interior design genius. We had the party last night and it was so, so wonderful. Everyone brought delicious food (pasta salads, artichoke dip, cheesy potatoes, snack trays, and enchiladas, not to mention  heaps of wine, beer, and the like), witty conversation, and the special ingredient that makes a house a home: love. Aw.

A good time was had by all. Follow that up with a late night skate down to Swift, and the night was complete.

*** photo by the lovely Eva Hume. Here's her blog. That Polaroid is from my going away to Japan party when Liz still lived in the Prescott house. Ah memories.


Kyle said...

That house is definitely 10 times warmer, at the very least, after that party. What a grand time.

Jesse Milan said...

Yes - I had so much fun, and was so impressed at how quickly you put everything together! Nice work, Rachel and Sam! And, might I add, one hell of a party!

Elizabeth said...

So honored to be in that Polaroid.