April 28, 2010

Baby Ape Cave

So, this is especially trivial but last night Jocelyn and Charissa and I were walking over to Free House (new favorite bar on Fremont and 14th?, delicious drinks, well-priced food, nice soundtrack, and foosball) and I thought I stepped in shit. I didn't. It was moss, or a leaf, or something like that, but this led me to say that there is nothing worse than stepping in shit. Which I immediately amended. There are many things that are worse to step in or on. We started naming things. This game ended with: having to travel through the entirety of Ape Cave (the difficult section) except for it is completely carpeted with babies. Not even dead babies. Live babies that scream and cry out and try to cling to your shoe laces as you stomp on their faces in an effort to reach the end. Sick right?

When I was younger my parents would take us to Crane Prairie Reservoir out in Central Oregon. We would camp and fish. I have a million great memories from that place and the best was all the little baby toads that came out in early summer. We would catch them and play with them. Hours of fun. One year they were so numerous they completely covered the shores of the lake and you seriously couldn't walk anywhere without stepping on tiny baby toads.

It would be like this, only with babies. And dark and echoey due to the cave factor. You would go totally insane.


Kyle said...

That would be pretty horrible. Nothing worse than walking or driving over living things.

My father told me a story once about how he and his wife at the time were driving along a desert road at night in California, and all these rabbits (thousands of them) were on the road to get the warmth from the asphalt. There was no other option but to drive right over them for a few hundred feet. Ugh.

Charisstopher said...

tiny little fingernails!

Ben Moral said...

My family used to go out to Waldo Lake -- same deal. Except one year we apparently were early for frog season and it was dragonflies that were everywhere. Turns out, one or five dragonflies is sweet and pastoral. Thousands is gross.