April 14, 2010

When you can't see me

My friend Liz tells me the reason she reads my blog is to know what I am doing when she's not around to watch me struggle through life. She also told me that she sees me in my Bjork costume. Always. The costume has trumped all outfits that I have ever worn and now, as soon as an action of mine has been committed to memory I am wearing the Bjork costume.

Anyway, yesterday turned out to have this gorgeous afternoon and I needed to pick my car up from Liz's house (I left it there on friday when she gave me a ride to the airport. I have really nice friends. My flight was delayed coming home and Heidi came and picked me up at midnight). So I biked over to her house by Columbia Park (it's so nice because you can go down Willamette along the bluff and look out over the river and the industrial area and the sun was doing really dramatic things with the clouds). Unfortunately she wasn't there. But my car was. I put my bike in the back seat and started driving and I heard this knocking sound. I figured it was my bike tire rocking around in the trunk. I stopped and jumped out and tried to open the trunk but it was locked. I gave up on that because my keys were in the ignition and the car was running and surely the tire would settle in. I drove up Foss and around the corner and was looking at all the families in the park thinking it would have been nice if Liz had been home because then we could have gone on a walk, when there was this crazy noise and I looked in my mirror to see my bike helmet skipping across the road. Yeah. I left my bike helmet on the roof and it flew off once I got over 15 mph. The knocking sound was the helmet against the roof which I somehow didn't notice when I got out of the car the first time. I pulled over and walked back half a block to where my helmet was lying under a parked car and one of my teal blue gardening gloves was there in the road and I didn't see the other. I'm like, really? I looked under the car but it wasn't there. I walked back to Foss and peered down the street but I didn't see a little blue corpse back there and then I walked back to my car (still running) thinking it was incredibly embarrassing that I had somehow lost yet another blue glove and Liz was going to mock me forever and it was there. It was still there on the roof.