April 16, 2010

Red Weekend

This weekend is going to be brutal. Tonight is Kyle Arthur's "party" at his "apartment". He is still promising spanakopita. On Monday I will provide a full report on the verity of his home and said spanakopita. On Saturday my friend Jacob is having a lawn games birthday party over in North Portland, including but not limited to: Portland parks liquor license, croquet, and bocce ball. And hopefully lawn darts. I was visiting with a friend the other day and we ended up throwing lawn darts from his porch in an attempt to hit the strip of lawn between the sidewalk and the curb. It was pretty miserable but I will have to add that I was closer to hitting it than he was.

Then the Red Dress Party is happening. It's a fundraiser for the gays (this year's recipients: The Q Center, Men’s Wellness Center, and the SafeChoice Program of the YWCA of Clark County) and everyone in attendance has to wear a red dress. According to the website kilts don't count. A Portland-wide shortage of red dresses is occurring right about now and the luckless will end up in weird old lady dresses that Betty White would refuse to wear. Not that that doesn't have its own appeal. The above photo is from last year's party and those are my adorable housemates shaking it to what was probably mildly bad techno. The party will be in this space, which looks pretty amazing. We have friends coming from Boise, Idaho for this thing. That's how serious it is. Liz has promised a follow-up champagne brunch on Sunday and then Monday (which isn't even the weekend anymore) is the Yeasayer show. Like I said, brutal.


Elizabeth said...

Ok, so I just got my dress. FINALLY. It kind of reminds me of Jessica Rabbit, without the boobs.

Rachel Wrong said...

I'm wearing a red eighties disco/prairie dress with balloon sleeves.