April 13, 2010

Drowned Rat or just Dead Rat

I biked to work today. Those of you in Portland know that it is raining today. Really raining. We have a lot of different words to describe type and severity of precipitation. It was certainly not pouring as I rode to work, but it was raining, not cold, but really raining, steadily. And I'm an idiot and I wore my converse so that means I sit at my computer with wet socks and wet pant bottoms and stringy hair. And the funny thing was that I saw this girl biking in a poncho. Not a rain-repelling poncho. Some sort of crazy knit pink poncho that was flapping around her elbows. There was fringe. And I'm not even anti-poncho. Surprisingly. It does seem like something I would hate, but I also really like blankets (when I sit on a couch I need to have a blanket) and wearing a poncho is kind of like wearing a blanket, except that you can leave the house. But today? While I really like the idea of wearing a blanket right now, the thought of wearing a wet pink blanket with fringe does not appeal at all.

And the photo taken above was taken in Sapporo in a snow-covered alleyway. The Japanese love alleys which is something I really appreciate. That rat is obviously dead. But Brian isn't. We found it on our way home from the bar and obviously thought it was a perfect photo opportunity.

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