April 12, 2010

Hot Tip Monday

Denver has the best thrift stores ever. Ever. Last time I went to a Valu-Village in Denver I was looking for a Halloween costume. This was in 2005. I found a blue Dolly Parton dress, the suede fringe jacket pictured above, Dolly spur strap cowboy ankle boots and a bunch of pearl accessories. On Saturday I found one amazing waist-belt after the other (including an 80s Jordache with a gold horse logo buckle), and the crowning achievement of my life: ORIGINAL STAR WARS SHEETS. Two sets. I would use them but they're twin sets. I am not planning on owning a twin bed for the rest of my life, so summer nerd dress coming soon. Sam found a framed print of a kitten hanging out with a bunch of roses. If you don't smile when you look at it, you are a robot.

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