April 15, 2010

Minigolf Takeover

Holocene had its annual minigolf tournament on Tuesday and Wednesday. I attended last night after sitting at Roadside Attraction for hours (that place is in a time vortex and I always drink whiskey lemonades there. Always.) and they had a fire outside that was shooting ash out over the picnic tables like Mt. St. Helens and I smelled heavily of campfire by the time I left. Ran into DJ Aaron who said I smelled like the forest. Which is slightly better than camping, which is what Carl said. Our friend Carl is a welder. He used to do the floats for the Rose Parade but he has recently moved on to bigger things. Kind of. Not size-wise, but job-wise. Anyway, designers and artists and friends get together and design a mini-golf hole and compete for prizes, including cash money and tattoos. Carl's reminded me of that game Mouse-trap, you had to blast the ball up this tube and then it went around in these wire tubes suspended from the ceiling. It took me about five tries. Jocelyn was failing in ways that Carl had never seen before, eventually losing her ball in the crowd and Alex got a hole in one. My favorite was this super simple hole, just an L-shaped bit of astro-turf but the trick was that there were two dancing people rolling around on the green, just like, spazzing around and messing with you. It was amazing. Kind of like watching a weird french bum busker mess with people on the street except that you are prepared for it. The guy was wearing black leggings with a hole in the crotch (seriously) and he was absurdly tall, and he had a sweatshirt with a neon galaxy on it and the statement You Are Here (I have this sweatshirt but not in neon) and I feel like it was a kid's sweatshirt because it was too small for this guy and kept riding up. I don't know if this was an outfit that he specifically chose for dancing and messing with people at mini-golf but either way it was something really special.

p.s. Check out Alexa's Shiny Things and Cake. She says nice things about me, kind of.

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Anonymous said...

Jocelyn is bad at mini-golf? I never would have expected...