August 5, 2010

My Own Monsters

My friend Neil Perry is having a 30-piece art opening tomorrow at Red E Cafe. Paintings, drawings, and prints. It's his first show in the United States. Apparently he's super nervous about it, which is understandable. I probably would be too. Making art is fun but I've always found that there's an element of embarrassment in actively showing it to people. You're always worried that people aren't going to like it and will walk away thinking you're weird and don't know how to draw. I'm not saying he should worry about this, his stuff is sweet, I'm just imagining this is why he's nervous. But I'm also totally projecting.

Anyway, Neil has a great accent. He hails from northeast England but lived in Edinburgh for awhile as a illustrator and screen printer. He recently ended up in Portland after some brief and harrowing experiences in Pasadena and Dallas. One can only imagine.

Check it out at red e (1006 N Killingsworth), 7:00. There will be food and drink (rumours of HUB), interesting, non-pretentious people, and of course, cool art.


huy said...

he actually came into my shop the other week and we chummed it up for a while, real nice lad.

Rachel Wrong said...

Serendipitous. Such a small world.