August 31, 2010

So Many Things

I had this ridiculous day yesterday involving a lost wallet, lost keys, and incredibly high levels of stress. I tore my room completely apart. The nice thing was that I found my Star Trek sweatshirt. The bad thing was that my keys were still missing after all that. I also realized that I have an ungodly amount of stuff. Stuff that I never use, never wear, never touch. I don't know why I have all this stuff but I threw a bunch of it away yesterday. Plastic forks, buttons for sweaters I don't own anymore, weird pink lipstick, miniature water color sets. My goal is to throw or give something away every day. I need to pare down. If anyone would like new clothing or art supplies or random jewelry, please send me a message. I will make you a care package. I will even mail it.

The keys turned up. Finally. But they were in my friend Emily's car, tucked under the seat. The search was doomed from the beginning.

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Elizabeth said...

I would love a care package!

Charisstopher said...

Naked lady party time again? I have a whole basket of clothes I just weeded out the other day. The obvious risk is with doing one is the overwhelming need to gather MORE clothing when the point is to get rid of it. Hm.

Rachel Wrong said...

Emily Steen is doing one on October 3rd. You want to come? She suggested bringing home stuff as well. All discards will go to Buffalo and Goodwill afterward.

Charisstopher said...

sweet! I'm definitely in. Just wrote it in my calendar.