August 24, 2010

Pizazz Vintage

Have you ever been to House of Vintage? Insane. There are a million amazing things in there but you have to go with some time, some patience, and a sense of humor. I wasn't in shopping mode yesterday but even so, I saw an Oscar de la Renta blazer, a few gorgeous silk dresses, and several incredibly tempting old lady glitter sweaters (my weakness).

Anyway, the whole reason I was there was to check out Heidi's new space in said shop. This is a big deal. Heidi is my friend and housemate and one of my favorite people to shop with. I have come to terms with the fact that I am really good at certain things: making salad dressing and messes, cracking jokes at the expense of others. I will say with confidence that Heidi's number one skill is thrift-shopping.

Imagine this. We walk into a Goodwill. We part ways. A half hour later we reconvene.

Me: I found this sweatshirt with white tigers on it and a black skirt that hits my shins at an awkward length. I'm going to hem it.

Heidi: I found these amazing red eighties ankle boots with snakeskin fan detailing, and this gold jumpsuit. Oh, and this unicorn lamp.

Me: Damn you.

So, if you have any interest in awesome vintage clothing and other curios (there was this mystical triangle table clock), I highly recommend dropping by now and again. It's one of the first spaces to the right when you proceed from the counter.

Pizazz Vintage
. House of Vintage. 3315 SE Hawthorne.


Kyle said...

I would like to go sometime. I am still disappointed that we did not stop at that excellent Goodwill in Port Angeles, WA.

Rachel Wrong said...

Yeah, that would have been a good one. Next year.

Heidi said...

OMG. I feel so honored to have a shout out from, 1. My favorite blog writer, 2. One of my favorite people, and 3. Someone whose stamp of approval is not always easily gained. Thanks Rach (can I call you Rach? It just seemed to fit..)