August 16, 2010

Power Suit

I found myself in the Red Light last night trying on this crazy skirt-suit from the early 90s, mildly Cher-esque (Cher from Clueless, not Cher of sheer bodysuit fame). The suit was woefully small, probably made for a small child, but the fact remains that I am suddenly interested in wearing one. And then I found this on the Street Snaps in Japan blog. Awesome. She left her cane with the extending hidden blade at home, but that hat probably turns into a weapon when tossed at high speed.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Do you remember when we were talking about how you said you were going to wear a traditional Inuit dress to the wedding, and I nodded my head like your mom did when you were young and told her you were going to tattoo your face....

I'm doing that again now, as I imagine you arriving to the office in said power suit. Make sure you get a color you like.