June 29, 2010

Adventure 3.2

I had such a great week away from my computer and I have realized that I went into the wrong field. I should be a biologist. You are paid to walk around the woods and look for things. In this case, we were looking for pygmy rabbits but I also saw a family of marmots, bat guano, three deer, four jackrabbits, a mountain lion den, a tiny nest in the sagebrush with baby birds without their feathers and one blue egg, broken down Mormon towns, sunsets, lizards, and a lot of poop. That was the main thing we were looking for. Burrows and poop. However, rabbit poop is called "pellets" and it sounds a lot nicer. I took a few photos but (of course) my camera died because I am irresponsible and assume that electronics take care of themselves. I also drank a disturbing amount of 3.2 beer which is really refreshing and pretty much like drinking barley flavored carbonated water. On the last day we got a pack of Olympia, the only case of Olympia in Lin's Market, and I swear it wasn't 3.2. We were all on beer three and were like, "shit, I'm actually feeling something. This is like the real thing." It may have been the altitude but I like to think that the Northwest triumphed and managed to get some real beer through the iron gates. That, or Utah made me soft.

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