June 17, 2010

No Egg Puns Here

There is this department store in Japan called Parco. It's one of the big ones. Here is a Parco ad featuring Faye Dunaway. I'm going to be honest. This makes me really sad. Jealous, rather. While I was in Japan I saw a few funny ads featuring Tommy Lee Jones, but the rest were like, Cameron Diaz and Hillary Duff looking really, really perky. If I had seen this ad while watching television I probably would have cried in sheer joy (it was an emotional time). Also, this is dedicated to Heidi (we have this hardboiled egg thing going at 834).


Elizabeth said...

Freakish... what is with the odd lines on her face?

Rachel Wrong said...

It's a veil.

Elizabeth said...

Is she mourning the chicken fetus?