June 2, 2010

The Fashion of Sasquatch

Okay, so I didn't do a great job with this. I had these grandiose schemes of taking a bunch of photos of people and jotting down their names and their favorite fruit or something but instead I frolicked around with loved ones, danced far too much, and didn't bring my camera charger.

I can tell you that headbands, face paint and feathers were huge. Seriously. The face paint thing was especially pervasive and probably the most awkward. It's one thing to add a little face flair to your howling wolf shirt, your jorts, your Sperrys and all those crazy pendants. In fact, it's kind of expected. But topping off your polo shirt-khaki pants-river sandals combo is a whole different ballgame. There was a lot of neon, a lot of capes, a lot of gold lame. See example below.

There were a lot of short-shorts. Apparently they are a right, not a privilege. I would say that the majority of people wearing short-shorts were female, but there were a lot of men who did not wish to be denied the caress of the breeze upon their thighs.

There was a lot of general spectacle. Sasquatch days are long days and most dress for function and comfort. However, a lot of people treat Sasquatch like an extended costume party. Like this guy. Note the face paint.

However, for every almost naked person (worst example was the girl storming around in a brown bikini and white athletic socks and running shoes) there was someone keeping things modest. Like the charming mom-butt ladies that set up in front of us for Camera Obscura. We were sitting, they were standing, we were laughing, they were toe tapping in oblivion.

Yes, those are homemade legwarmers held up by rubber bands. I don't know. But for every poor decision, there was someone running around looking adorable.

I wish I had more photos like that, but let's be honest, bad choices are funnier.


Shiny Things and Cake said...

I love how lamé without the accent is lame. I think it explains a lot.

Rachel Wrong said...

Yeah, I think it works well for the situation. I tried to add the accent but then I thought, why fight it?