June 3, 2010

Neighborhood Favorites

I live in the King neighborhood in northeast Portland. I love it. It's quiet and there are harness hitches on the curbs, walking distance everything, MLK grime and noise a few blocks away for when I feel like riding the bus, Irving Park, Mississippi and Alberta shops and restaurants, and there is a great liquor store on Fremont and MLK with the bottles behind bars and these sassy older ladies that have no problem giving you a little friendly shit as you make your purchase.

Here is the synopsis from Wikipedia: King straddles Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard from Ainsworth Street to Fremont and is at one end of the Alberta Arts District, a commercial district where locally owned shops, galleries, and cafes have brought new life. Once predominantly black, the neighborhood has rapidly gentrified since the 1990s and attracted more young residents. Previously an area of high crime rates related to gang activity, poverty, and the crack epidemic of the 1980-1990s, King and other inner northeast neighborhoods have attracted buyers who could not afford housing in predominantly white areas.

Here are a few things I treasure in the neighborhood.

The view from my window.

Best creepy daycare sign ever.

I don't know the story behind these little plaster people. I do know that Huy and I were skating around one evening and we found them and were standing there laughing and a lady came out and was like, You gotta dollar? No? Well, pay up or keep on pushing.

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