June 4, 2010

New to Me

Whoa. Split Pea Vintage. Despite the American Apparel stylings (how awkwardly can I lean against this table? No, really, I'm super comfortable. Yes. Yes, I'm wearing mouse ears) this site has some gems. I just got a one-of-a-kind rabbit-paneled cotton jacket off here for a paltry sum. I'm usually not a fan of paying other people to find me cool clothing, but things are actually reasonable here and this jacket really was a gem. You'll see. And it's based in Canada. Canadians are so nice.


Anonymous said...

Ramona West also appears to be a good vintage website. Thank god I can now directly support overeducated hipsters who are five years younger than me. I was worried this onus would just fall on the shoulders of the state welfare system.

Rachel Wrong said...

Thank god.