June 9, 2010

It's an El Nino Year

So far it's been text book. Early start to winter (remember all the November snowstorms?), then dry nothingness, then the longest wettest spring ever. The whole thing typically lifts around July 1, so June is going to continue to be a warm, wet mess. I've never seen such a miserable start to summer. I've even been complaining a bit and I love Oregon weather in all its temperamental glory. The good news about all this (for snow sport enthusiasts) is that the Northwest usually has epic winters following an El Nino year. The bad news is that typhoons will be raging down south. At least, that's the pattern. And I should have a smoother segue-way developed for this, but it's early and I love this band so I'm just going to move on.
Typhoon. I can't stop listening to their latest: Hunger and Thirst. They are a Portland band that's been around for a few years, but were recently lauded as like, second best new band by Willamette Week. A seven to 14-member ensemble, they are gorgeous, playing Pick-a-thon in August, and my new favorite.


Ben Moral said...

Oh man, right? So fucking good. And I think Typhoon will still be awesome when the sun comes out.

Rachel Wrong said...

Yes! You were actually my initial introduction to them. When we had the neighborly chat while I shoveled mulch.

Charisstopher said...

yay Typhoon! And what happened to the mulch? I just noticed that it was gone today. Spirited away.

Rachel Wrong said...

I distributed the mulch throughout the neighborhood. I want to see the whole neighborhood covered in mulch.

Not really. I just spread it all over the berm.