January 14, 2011

Age of Aquarius

So, many of you have probably heard that a new astrological sign called Ophiuchus has been discovered, causing a shift in the way we are all categorized. Suddenly, without any warning, I am an Aquarius.

I know this doesn't actually change my life in any tangible way. But when I was a kid I followed up an obsessive Greek mythology phase with an astrology phase. I spent long afternoons used my 32-pack felt-tip pens to jot down the personality traits of each sign, their health dilemmas, their stones, their compatible partners (mine were Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer and Scorpio) and I studied the shit out of those sheets of paper. I was a Pisces. And I was into that. It made sense to me. I was certainly not a Leo or a Taurus. I identified with Pisces. My friends were all compatible signs. I liked cartoons and was idealistic. It was proof. And now? I feel lost.

Kind of. I actually sat down and read both the Pisces and Aquarius descriptions just now (because it's that important) and it was kind of disturbing. Apparently Pisces make great secretaries? They are patient and full of compassion? They are asexual and malleable? Maybe being an Aquarius isn't so horrible.


Kyle said...

Pfft, I am always going to be a Scorpio-cusp guy and no one is going to tell me different. Especially not some astronomers.

Rachel Wrong said...

See! As a Pisces, you and I were compatible and that's why we're friends. Now? I have no idea.

Charisstopher said...

I had the SAME moment this morning. At first I was really horrified about suddenly turning into a Gemini, but now I'm kindof into it...after all, I am certainly not the "worlds best nurturer," and I hate talking about my feelings. I'm sortof relieved to have the option.

Rachel Wrong said...

I've read further commentary on the whole thing, and apparently Western astrology doesn't really even work with the same system that would include the new sign. I guess it's always been a pick and choose sort of thing.