January 26, 2011

Please, Please, Please

So, Echo and the Bunnymen are touring. Now that I've established it's not too soon to yammer on about Sasquatch, I really, really hope Echo and the Bunnymen are going to make it happen. They're touring right now and not only are they touring, but they are playing Crocodiles and Heaven Up Here (their first two albums) in their entirety. That's awesome. I've checked their tour dates and they don't have anything booked for Memorial Day Weekend. Yes, I've researched it. Slightly obsessive maybe, but I care about this stuff.

Remember my discussion of Band That Is Headlining and how I don't feel like they qualify as an  iconic rock band that I've never seen and finally get to see? These guys do. This would be totally legit. Sasquatch planners, do you hear me?

For the doubters, I give you this:

And then go listen to Heaven up Here through headphones and tell me it wouldn't be amazing when you are lying on the hill watching the sunset.


Elizabeth said...
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Kyle said...

Oh shit if true, there is no doubt I will be there.

Keep me posted H.R. Wright.