January 19, 2011

Too soon?

It's not too early right? I haven't purchased tickets yet, but it is the 10th Anniversary and perhaps my last Sasquatch for a while. I'm going to have to get excited. Wolf Parade has been confirmed on the line-up. Which is kind of strange because they have announced an indefinite hiatus. Apparently a hiatus that will be broken only by Sasquatch.

I'm so glad because the only other act to be confirmed is the Foo Fighters. The. Foo. Fighters. Are you kidding me? They haven't had a hit since I was in high school. And they don't have that prolific Oh man I never got to see them in their heyday but now I finally do! thing going on either. It's just sad. There. I will not say another word about it. I'm over it.

Anyway, I've seen Wolf Parade once. It was a great wine-sodden show, though I had to experience a large portion of it solo due to my most infamous partner in crime (who will remain nameless) losing it. She ate some pizza, forgot about eating the pizza, and then apologized,  popped into a cab and left me there. Oh those were the days.


Elizabeth said...

Never too soon.

alexis said...

And I never fail to agree with Liz

Rachel Wrong said...

The dialogue at Wolf Parade went like this.

Partner in Crime (PIC): Oh my god. Maybe I just need to eat something.

Me: You just ate a piece of pizza.

PIC: Oh.