January 24, 2011

I'm just so sad . . ..

Theme of the weekend. I lost my wallet on Friday on the walk from Gravy to my house. Pretty disappointing but it hadn't happened since 2004 or something like that, so I guess it was time. I got  over it.

The theme really gained steam on Sunday. Bears vs. Packers. Pretty sad. Sam is obviously a huge Bears fan so we went to Spirit of 77 and watched the game. So much yelling and heckling. The Bears' quarterback blew it and for the rest of the game they kept zooming in on his sad, sad face as he moped on the sidelines. People kept jeering at him. Football fans are so intense and I couldn't help but jump on the bandwagon. Yes, I heckled. He just looked so pathetic.

Something really horrible happened on Sunday evening. Sam introduced me to The O.C. Yeah, that psuedo-soap opera show that died ages ago. He has Season One on his harddrive; I watched the first episode and was hooked. I made us watch like, six episodes in a row. The main character just tilts his head all the time and frowns to communicate how sad and brooding and angsty he is. It's totally hilarious. I heckled him too. I realize it's pretty sad to sit there and jeer at a television show aimed at teenagers, but I was really, really enjoying it. I'm sorry. If you never take my opinions seriously again that's okay.

Anyway, I looked through the Sartorialist's photos today and check this out:

That's the face! That's the face I saw all weekend. Bahahaha. I love that jacket though. Nice job Junya Watanabe.


Elizabeth said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA.... I saw you make that face on Saturday for 12 hours starting at 10:30am. It was interspersed with occasional moaning, which is less angsty, and more tragically melodramatic.

Rachel Wrong said...

Let's not forget Settlers of Catan. I pulled it together. I wasn't sure that was even going to be possible. The Wasp!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, the WASP! How did Kyle's dad describe her, was it as emotionally mute? Only to be followed up by suggesting you possess some secret power... priceless.

Tony said...

This reminds of the "Keanu is sad" meme, which reveals a bounty of images in google's image search. My favorite: