January 17, 2011

Weekend Conquered

Last last weekend I managed to flake out on almost every plan that I made, resulting in a random, mostly relaxing, but completely guilt-tainted experience. This weekend I made up for it by doing everything I planned on doing, plus some things that I didn't expect at all. Rousing success all around.

Friday: Kyle Arthur of the broken ankle is getting stir-crazy. He started sending out these texts that implied he really, really needed to leave the house. So I went to Sandy Hut and waited WITH A BOOK while he rode the bus up Burnside and crutched from the stop at the rock gym (no mean feat) while I read a book at the Sandy Hut. This is a big deal. I've mentioned how I feel about bar-readers and now I am one, so there's one more thing I have to stop making fun of.

Saturday: I looked at some houses with my Mom and my brother. Some of them actually had promise but I have to admit looking at houses and the impending doom that is a mortgage is pretty terrifying. I don't know. One of the houses had a tenant in it and he had put strange carpet over the wood floors and had been frying bacon lately, not sure how lately, but the entire house smelled like putrid bacon grease and I almost threw up. Looking at houses is not without hazard.

That night I went to the roller derby at the Memorial Coliseum with my friend Morgan (she also recently broke her foot, but can walk without crutches now which is pretty exciting. She was actually hit by a car while biking. Not quite so noble as slipping in the Chopsticks bathroom, but whatever). Roller derby is pretty great. I look forward to the crashes, and while both of us understood the basic concept of the whole thing, you never really know why anything is happening, and when we talked about we never used the correct lingo, and were probably infuriating the people sitting around us*.

Sunday: Jocelyn hosted a delicious brunch complete with strata, bacon, and apple cake procured from the Gwyneth Paltrow blog, and then I ran over to Spirit of 77 to catch the end of the Seahawks/Bears game and get schooled in darts by my dad. After that I went to Huy and Carin's to script out the horror movie we have in the works (more on that soon), which was highly productive. I then went home to do things like run, make lunch for the next day, clean the kitchen, and other domestic duties.  Sam and I completed the evening with a movie.

All in two days! I know nothing here was that awe-inspiring but there are days when all I do is watch a movie and eat lunch.  This blog never promised to be grand anyway, look at the byline.

* Soooo, why is that blocker person out?
I don't know. Why is she the only one wearing the leopard unitard?
Maybe because she's an enforcer?
No. There's another one wearing a unitard. One of the fast ones.
I don't know then. But she's my favorite.


Kyle said...

Oh man what a fun/busy weekend you had, I am envious. So happy you and all the others came out for Friday night at the Sandy Hut to support my drinking habit. And I still think that last $15 was well spent, what a steal!

When I can walk again I would love to go see some roller-derby with the gang. And remember do not stress about the house hunting, you just need to take the time and find the right/perfect place.

huy said...

Lizzie: "is chet gonna be there?"