January 13, 2011

Dark Dark Dark

You know how I feel about the accordion. So when I heard this band had an accordion I got really excited and listened to the whole album on NPR and then I bought their newest LP. I don't even own a record player. This actually set me off on an vinyl buying spree of sorts and I bought Sleepy Sun's newest album for my dad for Christmas. It didn't come in time so I wrapped Dark Dark Dark's Wild Go and gave it to him. We listened to it on Christmas morning, with coffee and the fire place, all the ribbons fluttering around, and the rain from last night on the skylights. He didn't love it but I do and am taking it back for the theoretical record player that I will place in my theoretical living room in the house that I will hopefully own someday.

1 comment:

alexis said...

hauntingly magical. lots of talent on the accordion happening here.

what about you? do you have accordion songs written yet?

oh man. i just had a good idea. i'm going to let it brew. then, more to follow.