January 28, 2011

Who Would You Be?

Micheal Jackson impersonator at the memorial

I talked to my long-lost friend Killian last night. Finally. He's been out in Columbus, Ohio since college and isn't the best at keeping in touch. We discussed many things but ended up talking a lot about China and comparing our adventures there. While he never got lost on a mountain with no money and only peanuts in the shell for sustenance, he did end up in a bar in Beijing watching an absolutely uncanny Michael Jackson impersonator. Like, apparently it was mind-blowing The next day he and his brother were back in Hong Kong and they heard that Michael Jackson had died. He suggested the man had stolen Micheal's soul. I don't know.

It got me thinking about the nature of impersonation and the people who end up spending their lives in costume, attempting to emulate someone else. Wearing their clothes, using their mannerisms, their talents, basically living in the body of another. Strange choice, right?

If you were going to be an impersonator, who would you impersonate?


Elizabeth said...

Ana from the Scissor Sisters.

I love her. She dances in lasers, wearing leather and fur, with a room full of gay men, and is worshiped like a goddess. Heaven.


huy said...

the asian guy from goonies, and indiana jones temple of doom.

Kyle said...

Obviously Charlie Sheen. Suitcases full of blow and hookers galore!

Rachel Wrong said...

A key element of being a professional impersonator is a resemblance to the person you're trying to impersonate. Kyle, I think we all know that you were born to be Spencer Moody. Start brushing up on your Murder City Devils.