March 17, 2011

After the Party

You know, some of my favorite times are after the big event, when everyone is kind of loopy, and danced out, and hungry, and you end up sitting around laughing about your favorite moments of the evening (in this case making fun of the English guys in the pink shirts and making the DJ play ODB), eating food (in this case not-so delicious pizza), and cuddling. Also, taking a million photos while lying on top of a hotel comforter (something I would usually immediately remove and throw in the corner due to rumors of bodily fluid stains) doesn't seem like a bad idea at all. I love these girls.


Kyle said...

Daawwwwww! at the pictures. Such good friends.

Elizabeth said...

That was so fun. "I Love love".

Shiny Things and Cake said...

LOVE!!!! I love love. And you too especially.