March 10, 2011

A Few Good Things

Well, now I have to come down from my birthday high. Last night was great. Photobooth shenanigans, a fantastic turnout, a healthy amount of peer pressure, and lots of love. I would like to note two things:

1. I beat Sam at Big Buck Hunter. This may not impress you. But I was soundly losing for a good portion of the game and suddenly it was like Mighty Ducks or something and  I just stepped up and took over until my arm was exhausted. It felt great. I am an extremely competitive person (though I try to pretend I'm not) and I can't really describe the joy that I felt when I holstered my rifle knowing that I was a champion.

2. I told Sam that I would read the entirety of the Hobbit to him, with voices. He was less than thrilled but pretended to be okay with it. Sam, I want you to know this was not a rambling empty promise. This is happening.

And finally, for your entertainment, here's a video that I appear in. I took the Greasebus (which is awesome! $10 to get a ride to the mountain in a vehicle powered on vegetable grease. They even give you free treats!) a few weeks ago on a beautiful sunny day and now there is documentation on the internet that I am a pretty average snowboarder. You guys were bound to find out eventually. P.S. I am the girl in green.

Powder riding in Jacks woods from Greasebus on Vimeo.

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Elizabeth said...

OMG! That was hilarious. You falling was definitely the best part.