March 23, 2011

Best Weekend Ever

I cannot even begin to describe how magical this last weekend was. When people ask me I can only say it was the best weekend ever or some other superlative. Because really, it was. You would have to have been there to fully understand. I didn't stop smiling from Friday afternoon to Sunday night. The only thing I can do is make a list and accept the fact that it is incomplete. Feel free to add to it in the comments. 

1. Golden Poles Chalet! Afternoon sun streaming through the window, giant two-person recliner, monstrous collection of bootleg VHS, full kitchen, master bedroom. 

2. All of my favorite people (almost, there were a few missing). 

3. Cake! Laura made a delicious cake from scratch, complete with cream cheese frosting. I came out from the bathroom to find everyone beaming and the cake covered in candles.

4. Alcohol and snow. Friday night involved a lot of running around in the snow, flipping off buildings, climbing up snow piles, and throwing snow at and on people. In a good way. And by the way, when I say flipping off, I mean acrobatics. 

5. Fresh snow and sunshine on Saturday. We roamed the mountain in an enormous wolf-like pack and somehow managed to stay together and jump off cornices and navigate tiny tree trails to get to the good stuff. Jocelyn was the star of the day (she hadn't been snowboarding for a few years) and I never expected to see her not only keep up, but take some awesome falls with pride. We also sickened people everywhere by doing multiple cheesy team photos. See above. 

6.  Heated Pool. Glorious. We even did Arctic Challenge and rolled around in the snow before jumping back in. And then it started snowing on us.

7. Saturday night team. An additional crowd showed up on Saturday evening and added to the general mix of awesome people who were there to have fun. Extra fun. 

8. Splits contest. I saw Andrew drop into a full-on splits, arms up like a gymnast and then do the bounce. I thought only strippers could do that. 

9. We took over the dance floor at Charlie's and danced like we had never danced before. The live band was great and other people were jealous that they weren't us. No one got in a fight (though a few people tried).

10. We are adults. The best thing about doing stuff like this now is that people actually know how to cook. The party aspect is there, but we aren't eating ramen and peanut butter out of the jar. We ate like kings (thanks to everyone who contributed) and cleaned the condo and got out  five minutes before check out despite Saturday night's festivities. It was impressive.

11. Also, this was for my birthday. I meant to list ten things, to keep the list symmetrical but this is a fact that cannot be ignored. Continuous birthday love throughout the whole weekend made it extra special.


Kyle said...

It sure was a glorious weekend. Thanks for turning 28.

Tony said...

You'll always be 23 to me Rachel.

Rachel Wrong said...

Thanks Tony. And Kyle, come on, I'm a lady. My age is getting a little too close to 30 to actually be honest about it. Let the lying commence.

Elizabeth said...


* and if anyone was wondering, it was Carrin who tried to get us in a fight by yelling, "You're making a scene, bitch."- we definitely would have lost.

overtheorchard said...

you guys are so. cute. with those pictures! wish i could have been there!