March 24, 2011

Triple Feature!

Mississippi Studios has three great shows in a row for the next three nights. I would highly recommend checking out at least one of them.

Esben and the Witch: Sounds like the name. Haunting, dirgelike, some psychedelic noise stuff happening in the background, overly and awesomely dramatic. If I didn't already have plans to eat soup with Liz and Gabe and watch Auntie Mame I would totally be there.

Friday Night
 Foster the People: Um, Mississippi Studios calls it "chillwave". I think that's awkward. I don't think any musical genre should have "chill" in its title and combined with "wave"?. Ugh. Nevertheless, let's call this summery California pop that pretty much sounds like car dancing (you know, dancing around in your seat and waving your arms around while passing fast food signs and palm trees and old ladies walking dogs) with the windows down. Unfortunately, it's sold out. Good thing they're playing at Sasquatch.

Saturday Night
Castanets: I'm really excited about this. I've been listening to Castanets for awhile and haven't seen a live show yet. This is Raymond Raposa's one-man band, but apparently he brings in a rotating cast of musicians for his live performance. I like the recorded stuff but I imagine a live show will be quite a bit different and equally if not more awesome.

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overtheorchard said...

oh jeez. full report on saturday's show pllllease and thank you.