March 18, 2011

Birthday Weekend Commence!

I cannot wait for this weekend to start. I came in to work early so I can leave early, I made cookies last night, I did most of my packing last night (until I got distracted and started working on a painting), and there have been email chains that could set world records. We are going to the mountains.

I don't know if any of you have ever planned a condo/cabin weekend in the mountains but it is exhausting. I don't think I did it right. I first wanted to make sure I had enough people interested in coming. I sent out some emails. My friends responded in a positive manner. Then I started looking for the cabin/condo. There were so many options. I spent a few weeks agonizing and then I picked one. This solved one problem. I then reconfirmed that people were coming. And here's where things got tricky.

A friend of mine recently tried to do a cabin mountain weekend and it didn't work. At all. She found it impossible to get anyone to commit. Worried about a similar situation, I overinvited on the assumption that some people wouldn't want to, some people would flake at the last minute, etc. When I went in for a reconfirmation I realized that I had 20 people coming to a condo with an occupancy of nine. Not feasible.

I'm not going to lie. There was some panic. I came up some poor solutions such as (1) not go at all and move away and never return, or (2) organize some sort of gladiator-type battle for condo supremacy. Instead, Liz found a place for some people to stay and we divided the group amongst the cabins. Not so bad. Liz really came through.

So now we are divided but not in our hearts. I'm really excited for the weekend, there has been a million emails about all the delicious food people are bringing, the rides are sorted, the mountain has been getting heaps of snow, and basically it's going to be awesome.

The two things I have learned from this?

1. Don't overinvite.

2. My friends are wonderful.

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Elizabeth said...

This weekend exceeded ALL expectations, it was magical.