March 30, 2011


So, I know I've told you about my new OC obsession. It's gotten embarrassing. We moved on to Season 2 and blew through it in record time. At one point (the lowest), I ended up back at the video store mere hours after I checked out disc 5  (we thought it would be enough, we were fools) and the same guy was still working the counter. I basically returned in the amount of time it takes to watch four episodes of the OC. As he handed me the second one he said, "This one will also be due on Friday," with this curt little nod and smirk. What can you do? I can't be indignant. I'm the one who has a debilitating addiction.

Anyway, the point of this post is not how pathetic I am. The second season has a marked increase in the amount of up-to-the minute (in 2003) music it's exposing in the soundtrack. A live venue has also been added to the storyline, so bands can come on the show and play a song. They've played all sorts of bands: Modest Mouse, Flaming Lips, Of Montreal, Death Cab for Cutie, LCD Soundsystem, etc. etc.

Also, not the point. Twin Shadow. Twin Shadow is the finale of this post. If the OC was being filmed right now they would totally have Twin Shadow in the soundtrack, probably in a scene involving driving through Chino or a late night mope on the beach. It's not breaking any ground, this music, but it's also doing what it's meant to do very well.  I've been listening to their album all day on repeat and I'm liking it. Melancholic pop with some soothing vocals and familiar eighties hooks, some modernized synth. I would say this year's Phantogram, at least, in the scheme of Sasquatch.

Yes. This comes around to Sasquatch. Twin Shadow is playing at Sasquatch and I hope to see them. As long as they aren't one of those bands who play first thing at noon. I usually miss those.


Gabe Rodriguez said...

I LOVE TWIN SHADOW!! (And I used to have a Seth Cohen poster...Alexis will attest to this)

Elizabeth said...

BHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA....breathe .... BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH....take another breath... giggle/tear.

I love this.