March 15, 2011

Cowboys in Space!

The American Astronaut / Trailer from Cory McAbee on Vimeo.

We watched this a few nights ago in a real-deal lawyer-owned home theater. This room had leather chairs that reclined electronically with the touch of a button, a quality sound system, a projector, and a very large screen. I can see why people go into law.

We ended up there because Jocelyn invited Sam and I up to a place she's housesitting. She cooked an entire chicken, greens, mashed squash, and white wine risotto for us. Homey and delicious.

We followed up dinner with The American Astronaut. The soundtrack is wonderful, it's deadpan funny, extremely strange, and incorporates musical numbers. Shot in black in white on what appears to be a minuscule budget (the space travel animations are refreshingly quaint), it's also nice to look at and reminds you why camera angles and editing are more important than large explosions. While we watched it Jocelyn kept saying, "I can't believe I haven't made you watch this yet." I really couldn't either.

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