March 29, 2011

I like letters

I got this in the mail the other day.

I love mail! Receiving letters or impromptu packages rates up there with laughing so hard your stomach hurts, stopping on road trips at strange roadside attractions, buffets, and discovering crazy lady glitter sweaters at the thrift shop.

I owe Alexis a letter. And now, for a limited time, if any of you leave your address in the comments I will send you a letter or a package so you can experience this joy for yourself.


Charisstopher said...

Letters are the best. So are wooden statutes of fish in bikinis.

Charisstopher said...

* statUES. FML.

Rachel Wrong said...

Someone has been reading law books .... I already have your address. And you are getting a surprise package!

colleen k.d. said...

im holding my breath in anticipation
2329 SE 22nd Ave
Ptown, 97214

alexis said...

love you.

Gabe Rodriguez said...

AHHHHH I LOVE LETTERS FROM ALEXIS! And I will love one from you too, Rachel Wright.

Gabe Rodriguez
1811 NW Couch St. #311
Portland, OR 97209

Kyle said...

You have my address already I hope.

Kyle Andrew Carnes said...

I want a letter, tooooo!!! 204 SE 24th Ave. Portland, OR 97214. I'll send one back!