April 18, 2011

An explanation for the cryptic toilet post

So, Sam and I are looking for an apartment. We looked at this one last week that had many redeemable qualities. Random house in industrial area, up a flight of creaky wooden stairs, hardwoods, lots of space, good light, and a whole loft space for the master bedroom. But, it was carpeted. Which I'm trying to avoid due to year-round allergies. But, it had skylights. Which I love. And weird sloping ceilings and cubby-hole spy windows right where the bed would be. Which I also love. But here's the crazy thing. It had a toilet. A full size working toilet and a sink, just sitting there on the west side of the room. I'm assuming they meant to put a wall up at some point. But they didn't. So it's just you in this great space, and a horrible, super obvious toilet. I have never felt so conflicted. It was just so weird. It worked by the way. We flushed it.

The good thing is that we looked at two more places that we absolutely loved and we put in applications. The bad thing is that we haven't heard back on either. I'm getting anxious. Checking my email every five minutes. Send out some good luck for us.


Elizabeth said...

YOU GOT A HOUSE!!!! No more worrying about awkwardly placed toilets!

Kyle said...