April 11, 2011

Psychedelic Monday

I went up to Government Camp for an impromptu girl's weekend in the snow. Eva rents this A-frame up there, it is amazing. Three stories high with these treacherous ladder stairs and random carpet on one of the beams, star lamps, and crazy dogs. We did a lot of laughing and discussed important things like shopping of the future (atomizers!), relationships and their many perils, positive thinking, making out, the best places for surf vacations, extreme snow incidents, and Jake Gyllenhaal. We also went to Charlie's, one of the two bars in Government Camp. If you are in Government Camp you have to go to Charlie's. Meagan told some guy to "beat it." Meagan is small and blond and not especially intimidating but with phrases like that, she is well on her way.  It was great.

We also discussed music and Eva introduced me to Prince Rama. They are this psychedelic band of three, including two sisters who grew up in a Hare Krishna cult in Florida. I mean, not just Hare Krishna but Florida? Whoa.

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