April 20, 2011


I'm pleased to announce that we found an apartment. It's on 12th and Tillamook, which is a great quiet street and a bike path. It has high ceilings, hardwood floors, big windows, built-ins, storage space, and a garage. I'm really excited. I spent the last couple of days being a complete ball of nerves, totally convinced that the nice landlord named George had discovered some dark secrets in my past and decided not to rent to us. It was completely unfounded.

Now that I know I have a place to live, I'm thinking about how to decorate and arrange the incredibly random furniture that I've managed to acquire over the years. So far we have a really ugly reclining love seat (Sam's), a strange little chair (Sam's), a pink vinyl love seat that resembles a gigantic butt (mine), a few potted plants (both), and a massive television (Sam's).

If anyone has favorite home inspiration blogs, send them my way. I'm going to be all about DIY home decoration for at least the next .. . two or three weeks.

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Anonymous said...

yayayay! congrats! with a normal, tucked away toilet and everything??

try these to start: