April 22, 2011

Two Things

How great are these tassel garlands from Confetti System? I like the idea of making something like this for the new place. Maybe out of cloth. I haven't talked to Sam about glitter yet, but we have discussed our taste in decor and the fact that I want to banish his Wrigley Field poster. However, I am capable of compromise. We will be looking for an old map of Chicago or a cool black and white photo when I'm there next week.

I can't wait to start decorating. The new 12th and Tillamook me is going to be all about making random tinsel garlands, refinishing furniture, and painting and drawing weird things. Get ready.

Dark Dark Dark is playing at Mississippi Studios tonight with Y La Bamba. Accordion and plaintive vocals, bass and banjo, waltzy dream music. I'm going. You should too.

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