April 8, 2011


Apparently all I need to do is post some photos of sunshine and it appears. I have been dreaming of cloudless mornings. Yes, it was frosty and I had to wear legwarmers over my tights today, but it doesn't matter. I'm happy. On  a less happy note, I need to find a new place to live. Club 834 will soon be disbanded. It's an exciting new change (stay tuned on the yard sale/give-away), but finding a new place is so stressful.

I used to be an excellent consumer. In second grade I became totally obsessed with horses. Every Sunday I would lay down on the dining room floor with the Oregonian and pore through every listing in the Horses for Sale column. I would note the area codes in the phone numbers and then check the phone book to see the exact location of the listing. Look, here's a 30-year old horse of indeterminate breeding for $1500! It's in Battleground, Washington!  A saddle, bridle, and size 10 boots for $300!  Look!


It is really hard to get the same sort of enthusiasm for searching Craigslist apartments.

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