July 26, 2010


So, I went to this dance party down at Produce Row (super random, but they've remodeled and have a sweet patio now) and it was really fun. Surprisingly fun. Apparently these things happen in LA all the time and while I'm not prone to enjoy things that come out of LA, this provided excellent music, amazing people watching, summer evening dancing, and quality time with some of my favorites.

The people watching was really choice. Definitely a younger crowd, lots of good fashion choices, lots of bad fashion choices, blatant pot smoking, awkward dancing, sangria swilling, etc. Which leads me to identify some classic dance party archetypes that were out in full-force last night. Thank you for being you.

Sweaty Dancing Guy:
There's always that one guy that shows up early and leaves late, he's right up front, super stoked for every song, and gets all worked up for the big transitions, with lots of hand waving, jumping and double fist pumping (DFP). Exemplified last night by purple shirt beard guy.

Totally Awesome Cool People Power Couple: Is this a good song? Well, that awesome couple is nodding to the beat so it must be. There was this couple last night, she had an afro, he never smiled, and they looked amazing.

Almost Naked Girl: I don't know how her shirt stayed on, but she was dancing all night and I never actually saw nipple, so she did something right. Maybe tape was involved.

Awkward Couple: Ugh. They always end up on the dance floor, in your way, just like, wrapped up on each other, dropping drinks, and making out. Why can't they do that in the corner? There were two of these at the party and they were constantly up in my business. I was like honey to the flies. The mating flies.

I Can't Dance: There was one girl that just kind of jumped up and down all night, regardless of the beat. It was pretty awesome.

Incongruous People
: It's nice when people are fashionable but it's refreshing when people don't give a shit. This one guy had a large glass sherlock that he kept pulling out and he was wearing New Balance trail runners. Huy and I were created some dialogue for him: I just went hiking in the Gorge. It was super difficult. You wouldn't be able to do it in your shoes. There was also an athlete in track and field gear. She was dancing exuberantly and we think she was a javelin thrower (is there a term for this? Javelinist? Javeliner?).

Anyway, this event is happening again on August 22. It was fun. Check it out.


Heidi said...

excellent write up. nicely captured the magic of this dance party, which I might add, was desperately needed. can't wait for next month. my sister will be visiting, I'm bring her, and i will step up my outfit game. we might choreograph a sister dance to perform in the center of the crowd..

Rachel Wrong said...

Yes! DFP. I cannot wait for synchronized sister magic. Thanks for dragging me out, I was really convinced that the chaise lounge was going to be a better option for the evening.